Monday, November 15, 2004


Some interesting themes at the upcoming XTech Conference.
The second of the new tracks is called Open Data. Increasingly more information owners are choosing to be an active part of the web, rather than just hosting HTML pages. Some of the highest profile commercial examples of this has been Amazon and Google's web services.

Opening up data encourages its creative re-use, empowers citizens and creates new commercial opportunities. Governments, not-for-profit institutions, academia as well as commercial organisations are all experimenting with open data. Open Data is embodied by movements such as Creative Commons, OAI and Open Access.

At an individual level, exciting open data developments are happening through technologies such as blogging and social networking applications that choose not to lock in their data. Think FOAF, RSS, semantic web, Flickr and The Open Data track will look at the technology, policy and commercial issues involved in opening up data on the web.

I hope some European librarians are able to attend and present papers. We have a lot to share with the computer folks.

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