Monday, December 13, 2004


Today is the 1 year anniversary of my auto accident. A good deal of my time and effort this past year has been to get well. Doctor visits, shots, tests, pills and physical therapy still continue. My life is now back to normal in many ways. I can walk without a limp, no one would know I was in an accident by looking at my walk. I go swimming. Currently I can do 1/4 mile, not bad but not as good as before the accident. Cora and I have been dancing. Yesterday we tried English country for the first time in a year. I could do most of it but had some problems with the skip step. We have been contra dancing several times and I've lasted 2 hours at one of the dances. Again, not too bad but not up to pre-accident levels. I can climb a ladder, tie my shoes, drive, reshelve books (even on the bottom shelf), I am not limited in many ways. I do have time and repetition limits that are lower than before.

Over the past year many people have contributed to my recovery. Thanks to y'all. And thanks to everybody who sent "get well soon" messages and cards. Those also have helped me get through this difficult time.

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