Thursday, December 02, 2004


As part of two projects funded by the U.S. Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), we have been creating a MySQL database of the MARC 21 Concise Format for Bibliographic Data documentation. We have created a public mirror site to our application to let people see what we have done so far.

This is a work in progress and should be considered a draft version of what the final product will look like. As a result of this structuring of MARC documentation into a database, we will be able to generate different views of the data and documentation. We will be able to generate, for example, tab or comma delimited output of all the tags and their associated indicators, and subfields. We are working on an XML output of this as well.

Posted to the MARC e-mail distribution list. This work is being done at the University of North Texas, my alma mater. Anyone looking for an MLS should investigate UNT, some very interesting work is being done there.

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