Friday, December 03, 2004


The NISO Newsline for December 2004 is now available.


  • NISO Hosts International Standards Meeting
  • The ARK Identifier Scheme: A New NISO Registration
  • Next Generation Resource Sharing
  • IETF Approval of NISO's INFO URI Expected
  • NISO Metasearch Survey Sets Direction for Standards
  • Reminder: Midwinter Meeting 2005
  • Getting a Handle on Data
  • Moving Beyond Metasearching: Are Wrappers the Next Big Thing?
  • Breaking Down Information Silos: Integrating Online Information
  • Binary XML Proponents Stir the Waters
  • EPA Builds a Better Search
  • Digital Memories, Piling Up, May Prove Fleeting
  • Data-Mining
  • Sony Lab Tips 'Emergent Semantics' to Make Sense of Web
Just yesterday I saw mention of the ARK Identifier Scheme for the first time. Now here it appears as a NISO registration. Maybe something to keep an eye on.

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