Tuesday, December 14, 2004

OLAC Conference

The conference reports, handouts and PowerPoint presentations from OLAC
are now available on the OLAC website. Papers include:
  • Expanding Access: FRBR and the Challenges of Non-print Materials
  • Expanding Access, Expanding the Challenges
  • Descriptive Cataloging of Music Scores
  • Cataloging Cartographic Materials on CD-ROMs
  • Cataloging and Indexing of Still and Moving Images
  • Cataloging Unpublished Oral History Interviews and Collections
  • Improving Access to Audio-Visual Materials by Using Genre/Form Terms
  • Future of the GMD: What Can Be Done to Improve It or to Find Alternate Ways to Fulfill Its Function?
  • Videorecordings Cataloging Workshop
  • Cataloging Electronic Resources: The Long and the Short of It
  • Introduction au Catalogage des Ressources Int√©gratrices = Introduction to Integrating Resources Cataloging
  • Descriptive Cataloging of Sound Recordings = Le Catalogage Descriptif des Enregistrements Sonores Musicaux

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