Monday, December 13, 2004

Open Source ILS

Out of Finland comes Emilda, another open source library system.
Emilda is a complete Integrated Library System that features amongst others an OPAC, circulation and administration functions, Z39.50 capabilities and 100% MARC compatibility. MARC compatibility is achieved using Zebra in conjunction with MySQL.
On December 7 Emilda 1.2-rc1 was released.
The first release candidate Emilda 1.2-rc1 for the upcoming Emilda 1.2 stable release is now available for testing. We encourage all Emilda users with available testing resources to evaluate and stress-test this release, and report all anomalies to Emilda Developers or the Emilda Bug Database. For Emilda 1.1 users, this release brings tons of improvements, such as: new search capabilities, LDAP support, web-based setup, item types, subjects, etc. Translators are called upon to begin possible translations of Emilda as language by this release has been frozen.

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