Friday, January 28, 2005


Over on AUTOCAT (a must read for any cataloger) there is a very heated discussion being raged about the process of development of AACR3. Too much is being done behind closed doors without input from the mass of catalogers. The reason given for this is that it would be confusing getting comments from everybody and that folks are represented by their organizations on the JSC. Another reason that has been put forward is that the publisher feels that prior publication will hurt sales. Not likely. What would be posted would be a draft, there would be changes made based on comments received.

I feel things have changed since the last major revision and tools are available to make the process more democratic. How about posting the document on a wiki and then letting people add comments at the particular rule? I'm sure that it could be set up to keep the original always there and only allow additions, the comments.

I'm on the Cataloging Committee for SLA and was given the opportunity to view section one. However, I was given very short notice and was required to make comments on the whole section and so had to pass. So the process excludes even supposed to represent others. I think a better solution could be found.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great solution. By having a comments section open to registered and credited catalogers under each rule, much like the comments section in this blog, would help make the democratic process of creating the rules an easy solution. Even if the comments were not used they atleast could be considered on some level.