Tuesday, January 11, 2005


There is an update to MarcEdit (4.6). It can just install right over your previous version. Its basically an update with a few new features to the script maker, delimited text translator and the global editing tools. However, the biggest updates were to the many XSLT stylesheets. Included are all the XSLT sheets currently available from LC to download and registered them with MarcEdit. An updated EAD and EADlite=>MARC translations and EAD=>MARC templates. Included are an FGDC=>MARC stylesheet and a tokenize template to the MARCUtilities stylesheet.

Well, I’ve decided to post the development notes on MarcEdit 5.0 (which is in heavy development) – partly because I’m looking for volunteers to do a little bit of language translation. I’m looking to port MarcEdit into approximately 15-20 different languages, and that’s only going to happen if I can get folks to volunteer to help with the process.

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