Thursday, January 06, 2005

Open Archives In a Box

Open Archives In a Box (OAIB) is an older tool, but I've just seen it for the first time. Place this in from of a RDBMS and you have an OAI server. Too cool. I've seen the one to use in front of a Z39.50 server, ZMARCO, this one has a much wider audience.
OAIB is designed to make it easy to set up an Open Archives server to provide metadata based on the contents of a relational database such as Access, Oracle, or MySQL. This will enable data providers who have data in relational databases to make their data accessible to the growing world of OAI-compliant tools such as harvesters, union catalogs, and metadata processors.

OAIB is easy to use because it provides a convenient configuration wizard enabling most OAIB features to be controlled without requiring programming. The configuration wizard generates an XML-based configuration file used by the OAIB server (example). The configuration specifies how to access the database and how to translate OAI "verbs" into SQL queries, and also how to transform responses to SQL queries into metadata records to be delivered to the OAI client. The process of configuring OAIB is much simpler than writing code to manage client interactions and translate queries and responses into the appropriate formats.

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