Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Project Gutenberg MARC Records

pamplemousse writes "I haven't seen this announced anywhere, except on the PG lists, but Project Gutenberg now makes available a complete catalog of their archive, in machine-readable formats. Publicly, they have an RDF/XML version available ... but there is also a MARC21 format available as .zip file or bz2 file (Disclaimer: I know this because I wrote the conversion from RDF to MARC.) The intention is to provide a MARC file which libraries may use to add records to their catalogs for PG titles. What's needed now is for experienced and knowledgeable cataloguers to cast an eye over the result, and provide feedback."

Seen on LISNews. An easy way to make e-books available through your catalog. Not very clean records, nor a clean translation from the XML. For example, subjects are all in subfield a with the -- seperating the elements. As a group effort this could become a valuable resource.

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