Monday, January 24, 2005


Development of an Automation Software for Reconciliation of INIS/ETDE Thesauruses Singh, Manoj and Gupta, Rajiv and Prakasan, E.R. and Vijai Kumar, (1999) In Proceedings Conf. on Recent Advances in Information Technology (READIT-99), pp. 44-54.
ETDE (Energy Technology and Data Exchange) and INIS (International Nuclear Information System) thesauruses contain nearly twenty thousand descriptors and are not necessarily identical. A project has been undertaken by the International organisations to make a common thesaurus for both INIS and ETDE to facilitate better exchange and retrieval of information between/from these databases. This paper describes the automation implemented during our participation in the project for Reconcile the Structures of the Word Blocks in the ETDE and INIS Thesauruses, with respect to the descriptors currently in the two thesauruses through a PC based RDBMS Software. The Software THEMERGE was developed in FoxPro 2.5 Relational Database Management Systems. The software handles all-possible reconcile recommendation suggested by specialist, printing the recommendation sheet for uploading it later. This has not only widened the scope of flexibility, portability and convertibility of recommendations, but also helped to achieve quicker project completion.

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