Friday, February 18, 2005


I've recovered from TMEA last week. The Texas Music Educators Association's annual conference had over 10,000 people in attendance. Tech was low to non-existent. It is a very different conference than most I attend. Folk dancing is not a session I expect to see at a library conference. Many of the sessions were about doing something not listening to someone, or watching something but doing it oneself. These experiences are not easily communicated, so (IMHO) the low level of tech use. I'd much rather do a Hora than write about it being done, or even watch a video of it. Same thing with the sight reading sessions. I saw one tablet PC in the poster sessions, a place Ph.D. students get to show their research. A couple of folks had laptops, no PDAs, mine stayed in my pocket the entire conference. There was WiFi at the convention center, but little use was made of it. Here were over 10,000 folks having a wonderful conference with very little in the way of computing power. I'm not sure even blogging it after the fact would be of much use. A list of the dances conveys little of the session. Even if I gave my opinions of the dances, the Armenian Misealu was wonderful, that would not capture the event. It would take a real writer, not just a reporter to capture TMEA. No blogs, nor RSS, nor PowerPoint, not even the Semantic Web. Merely people coming together to share by doing.

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