Tuesday, March 15, 2005


A new paper on AARC3, Authority control in AACR3 by Deirdre Kiorgaard and Ann Huthwaite.
Authority control is a vital component of any catalogue. Although AACR2 does provide guidance on choosing access points for bibliographic records and on formulating headings and references, until now it has neglected authority control. AACR2 does not provide information on the principles of authority control or guidance on the essential elements of an authority record.

AACR3, due for publication in 2007, offers the perfect opportunity to redress this. Explicit guidance on authority control and the construction of authority records will be included in a new Part III.

Building on the conceptual model provided in FRBR, there will be greater opportunity to expose bibliographic relationships through the use of headings for works and headings for expressions.

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