Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cataloging Book

Just want to plug Unlocking the Mysteries of Cataloging : A Workbook of Examples by Elizabeth Haynes and Joanna Fountain. I've had the pleasure of working with Joanna and a more competent and decent person would be hard to find.
Supplementing existing textbooks with exercises that allow practice in description, classification, subject analysis, and MARC 21, this workbook pinpoints problem areas that arise in the cataloging of a wide variety of materials in public, school, special, and academic library settings. Real title pages and other necessary materials are used throughout. AACR2 rule numbers are included, as well as questions for consideration. MARC records are provided for some 150 titles, and a supplemental Web site provides full keys and further details. The site also aids teachers by providing indexes beyond those in the book. This book will appeal to cataloging students as necessary practice for sharpening their skills, as well as to beginning catalogers in the large library environment. It will be a valuable addition as individual study material and for in-house training of catalogers.

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