Tuesday, March 01, 2005


A new twist in folksonomies is the ability to distinguish between the type of information being tagged. Just as we distinguish between a 600 and a 610 tag. At Wists they provide this information:
Advanced tagging: Wists allows you to create groups of tags, called 'themes', in order to manage large numbers of tags better. For example: to bookmark a Sushi Restaurant in New York you could enter: Restaurant location=ny type=sushi. You can invent as many themes as you like.) Multi-word tags: use underscores if your tag names are phrases e.g. latin_america.
Folks are using themes such as location and stock ticker code. There does not seem to be a search feature at the site.

It will be interesting to see the pull that develops between the needs of complex searching requirements and the need to keep things simple. Dublin Core has experienced this division, almost from the start, and that was among a much less diverse audience. As people are able to create any theme they wish the splitting of like information into different themes may prove a problem or folk may gravitate to the commonly used term. For instance, location, place, geo, city, state, country, and where could be used as a place to store geographic information. Interesting to see what develops. There is a dissertation topic here for someone. Wists was seen on Library Stuff.

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