Wednesday, March 09, 2005


OCLC to host workshop for the IFLA FRBR Review Group

"FRBR in 21st Century Catalogues: An Invitational Workshop" will take place May 2-4, 2005 on the OCLC campus. The purpose of the international workshop is to provide implementors, vendors, cataloguers, scholars, teachers, end-users and others with an opportunity to share views and expectations, exchange ideas and propose solutions. It is intended for people involved in or considering a FRBR-related project, who use FRBR in one way or another, who have written or are about to write papers or dissertations on some aspects of FRBR, who have to make decisions in a field related to FRBR, or more generally who work in the field of conceptual modeling for cultural heritage information.

If you are interested and you would like to obtain an invitation, please contact OCLC. Please include a brief statement explaining your interest and how you would like to contribute to the workshop. Attendance is limited to 75 persons.

Seen in OCLC Abstracts.

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