Friday, March 04, 2005


While scanning Guidelines for encoding identifiers in Dublin Core and IEEE LOM metadata by Andy Powell, Pete Johnston, Lorna Campbell and Phil Barker I noticed reference to POIs. That was one I've missed. A PURL-based Object Identifier (POI) is:
The primary intention of the POI is as a relatively persistent identifier for resources that are described by metadata 'items' in OAI-compliant repositories. Where this is the case, POIs are not explicitly assigned to resources - a POI exists implicitly because an OAI 'item' associated with the resource is made available in an OAI-compliant repository. However, POIs can be explicitly assigned to resources independently from the use of OAI repositories and the OAI-PMH if desired. As such, the POI can be seen as a possible mechanism for implementing cool URIs
The paper, worth reading, was seen on Lorcan Dempsey's weblog.

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