Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terminologies/Thesauri Pilot Program

OCLC is exploring a service that provides access to multiple thesauri for libraries, museums, and archives. The service will create consistent metadata for collections providing mappings across thesauri to assist in relating terminology. It will provide a 'one-stop' thesaurus web service accessible through any web-enabled metadata editor.

OCLC is seeking Connexion client users who can incorporate this potential service into their workflow during the pilot period, March to May, 2005. During this pilot, OCLC will be conducting market research in the form of online surveys and/or phone interviews to solicit feedback from participants. As a result of the pilot, OCLC expects to gain insight on how to better serve library needs for a terminologies service.

The technology for this pilot project has been assembled by OCLC’s Office of Research using a new framework from Microsoft.

OCLC plans a phased approach, making different thesauri available at different points in the pilot. Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, etc. (GSAFD) will be the initial thesaurus offered and will be available from the beginning of the pilot.

In addition to GSAFD, the list of terminologies includes:
  • gmgpc & lctgm – Thesaurus of graphic materials, TGM I & II (LC)
  • radfg – Radio form / genre terms guide (LC)
  • migfg – Moving image genre-form guide (LC)
  • ngl – Newspaper Genre List (University of Washington)
  • aat, tgn, ULAN (subsets only) – AAT (Art & Architecture Thesaurus), TGN (Thesaurus of Geographic Names), ULAN (Union List of Artists’ Names) (Getty)
  • mesh – Medical Subject Headings (NLM)
OCLC encourages libraries who can assist in the effort to recruit volunteers to forward this information to the appropriate staff who may want to volunteer for the pilot. Responses should indicate which thesauri will be used during the pilot, and also include contact information. This link may be used to quickly supply that information.

The tools needed to participate include:
  • MS Office 2003
  • MS Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Connexion client user

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