Tuesday, May 17, 2005

GPO Cataloging

The GPO New Electronic Titles page carries the announcement "No new records will be added to this database after May 13, 2005." They are moving to a new catalog system. Here is the timetable for the move:
  • Until May 13, GPO will add records to the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. After May 13, the CGP database will be frozen.
  • From May 16 until June 1, GPO will suspend providing bibliographic records to the Library of Congress and other users. After June 1, GPO will resume providing cataloging records. Additional details on bibliographic record distribution will be available in May.
  • From May 16 until June 1, GPO will suspend all cataloging activity on OCLC. Regular cataloging production activities will resume June 1, and ongoing database maintenance activities in Aleph will begin.
  • From May 16, until June 1, GPO will answer users’ inquiries about bibliographic services. However, in order to assure maximum data integrity, record modifications cannot be performed until after June 1, when the final record load and indexing will be complete. After June 1 GPO will fulfill all necessary record modification requests received during this temporary implementation period.
  • Beginning June 1 through approximately June 10, the ILS will be available for testing. Additional details on the testing protocols will be available in May.
  • On June 13, GPO expects to open the online catalog to general public use.

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