Monday, May 23, 2005

Preservation Metadata

The final products of the PREMIS Working Group are now available for download:

Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata: Final Report of the PREMIS Working Group (May 2005) (PDF:3.2MB/237pp.)

This publication includes the PREMIS Working Group Final Report, the Data Dictionary, and Examples. These sections are also available as separate documents:

  • PREMIS Data Dictionary, version 1.0 (PDF:2.1MB/101pp.)
    A data dictionary for core preservation metadata needed to support the long-term preservation of digital materials.
  • PREMIS Working Group Final Report (PDF:606K/53pp.)
    Provides information on the objectives of the PREMIS working group, discussions of particular semantic units and special topics, and a glossary.
  • Use of the Data Dictionary: PREMIS Examples (PDF:4.5MB/97pp.)
    Illustrates use of the PREMIS data dictionary for a number of digital materials and preservation contexts.

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