Monday, May 02, 2005

SLA Conference

Anyone going to be blogging SLA? How about a group 'blog? How about a common Flickr tag? Just wondering.

I received some useful responses to my question about Toronto a few days ago. The Bata Shoe Museum received a positive comment. The SLA Toronto Chapter has put together a web site for those attending the conference. Excellent museums: The Royal Ontario Museum, and adjacent Planetarium. The Ontario Science Center. Stroll along Bloor Street west of Spadina Ave. for an excellent variety of restaurants. Toronto has an excellent network of parks, if you like walking, thanks to the valleys that break up the escarpments. Take the subway to Victoria Park station. Or spend a day on Toronto Island (really an island chain): Take the harbour ferry to Wards Island, spend all day strolling around, return from the far end of the islands. If you want to go out of town, rent a car and drive northward about 100 miles to the Canadian shield, which starts at about Lake Huron. Algonquin Park is within a day's reach. The best general website for information about Toronto is

Thanks to all for the info.

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