Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cataloging the Net. Part 2.

I posted a while ago about an idea to turn the RSS feed of Web directories into MARC records. K.G. Schneider of LII left a comment both here and on the original site. She makes some valid points and one I'm less sure about. She invites folks with good or innovative ideas on reusing content to talk to the content originator. Communication is a good thing. She points out changes at the site could lead to a breakdown in the work done outside. For example, changing from RSS 0.92 to ATOM would require reworking the XSLT. All too true. Most importantly, she points out the work is copyrighted and this would be copyright infringement.

However, she says that adding Web sites to the catalog is not useful. I'd have to disagree there. Trying to catalog the net or adding records without a collection policy are bad ideas. But, adding a few carefully selected sites, in some libraries, can enrich the catalog. There are many different libraries out there, and they each have different users and needs. Much as I respect her, I read her weblog daily, I feel this is a blanket statement.

Christopher Harris had a good idea. I'll keep reading his weblog. I've been thinking along the opposite line than Christopher, using RSS to distribute MARC records. It should be possible to wrap a MARC record in RSS and use it as a distribution method. Then something like ipodder could automate handling of the records.

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