Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Metadata, Beyond Description

On Lorcan Dempsey's weblog he discusses our metadata needs in a digital environment where DRM, licenses and other metadata will be used for more than description and discovery.
[M]uch of our metadata discussion still focuses on refining descriptive metadata for information objects. However, it is clear that as we move into more complex digital environments that this is one part only of the metadata picture. Libraries have developed practices which focus on the inventory needs of relatively 'solid' information resources (books, journals, ...). But all that is solid is melting into flows ... We need more types of metadata than just descriptive; and we need to represent more entities in our world than 'solid' information objects.
Worth a read and then some thought. This goes far beyond our traditional conception of cataloging. But, as metadata experts catalogers should be involved in these issues. We have much to contribute.

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