Thursday, June 02, 2005

Open WorldCat

The Open WorldCat Web site now includes information about tools that can help you more conveniently search for library materials from your PC desktop. The three tools featured on this page are:
  • Yahoo! Toolbar. This special edition on the Yahoo! Toolbar provides always-there access to Open WorldCat records via Yahoo! Search, plus the full complement of Yahoo! services.
  • Google Toolbar with Autolink feature. The newest version of Google Toolbar enables always-there access to Open WorldCat records through its Autolink feature. Autolink detects the presence of specific kinds of information on the current Web page and -- by pressing the Autolink button on the Toolbar -- links to related or lookup information for that item.
  • Firefox search extensions. Add WorldCat searching to the Search Bar of the popular open-source Web browser Firefox. From an ever-present browser pane, you can enter your search terms and select the search engine to be queried.

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