Friday, July 08, 2005

Genealogy Classification Scheme

Over on AUTOCAT there is a lively discussion of cataloging genealogy materials. Good topic for some research and a paper. One post mentioned a classification scheme for these materials I'd not encountered before, the Grigg Genealogical Classification Scheme.
The Grigg Genealogical Classification Scheme was created in 1963 by Dorothy C. Grigg, while she was Head of the Cataloging Branch of the State Library of North Carolina. The objectives for the scheme were:
  • To devise a plan which would fit into the classification scheme used for the rest of the library's collections (i.e., a modification within the framework of the Dewey Decimal classification).
  • To maintain the present arrangement of material in the genealogy section by place.
  • To arrange county material for each state in strict alphabetical order by county name instead of in approximate alphabetical order.
  • To arrange material secondarily within place by author's name alphabetically.
  • To shorten the call number as much as possible and still achieve the above objectives.
This scheme is used at the State Library of North Carolina for genealogical source materials when arrangement by place (specifically where the Dewey classification number 929.3) is most desirable. Family histories, how-to books, and certain other genealogical materials are not covered by this classification plan.

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