Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Scripts in OCLC

Some good news from OCLC.
As part of the Connexion client 1.40 field test, the first Cyrillic script record (OCLC #60678907) was input into WorldCat on June 20 by Diana Brooking, Cataloging Librarian, University of Washington, Suzzallo Library, Seattle, Washington, USA. The first Hebrew script record (OCLC #60690901) was input on June 21, and an existing romanized record (OCLC #9355323) was upgraded to include Greek script on June 22. This month, OCLC implements full support for cataloging using the Hebrew, Cyrillic and Greek scripts, complementing the current offering of Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic scripts and providing librarians with a more complete source for cataloging using the scripts of the world.
This requires the Connexion client 1.40, that is now available for download.

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