Thursday, July 21, 2005

Proposal to Delete LCRI 1.0G, Accents and Other Diacritical Marks

In 1982, the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) issued Library of Congress Rule Interpretation (LCRI) 1.0G, Accents and Other Diacritical Marks, that prohibits the use of accent marks on initial capital letters of words in manifestations published after 1801 in French, Spanish and Portuguese. In 1989 this LCRI was reissued to cover name headings explicitly. This policy aligned with the practices of the Library and Archives Canada (LAC); however, since that time LAC has changed its practice with regard to French language manifestations and headings and has now asked the Library of Congress to conform with that change. Since it has become commonplace for Spanish and Portuguese publications to include the accent marks on capital letters in words and names in these languages, CPSO is proposing to cancel this LCRI and allow catalogers to apply AACR2 1.0G and 22.1D to add these diacritics when they are not present based on catalogers' knowledge of the language.

Comments on this proposal may be sent to the Cataloging Policy and Support Office by email at The deadline for comments is August 12, 2005.

Posted on the LC CPSO page. My feeling is that this is long overdue.

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