Thursday, August 04, 2005

Geographic Subject Coodinatates Discussion Listserv (SubCoor)

SubCoor is a moderated computer forum open to anyone interested in discussing issues related to the use of geographic coordinates for place searches of various metadata systems. SubCoor provides an opportunity for members of the international community to participate in discussion. related to the investigation of the need, format, and use of coordinates to allow searching of materials by a geographically-based interfaces.


Go to Subcoor and click on Join or leave the list and follow the instructions.


Send the following message to

SUBSCRIBE SubCoor [full name]

You will receive a welcome message that we urge you to keep a copy of as it will explain how to set various options and how to unsubscribe. is the Internet address of the discussion list. Mail sent to that address is distributed by the UNIX-listserv to everyone who is subscribed to the list.

SUBCOOR is moderated by staff at the Library of Congress.

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