Wednesday, August 03, 2005

MP3 Metadata

Recently I've been listening to podcasts on my commute. Some are better than others, but that is to be expected, that happens in all genres. However, a very common problem is the lack of the MP3 tag information. Or even worse, the wrong information in the tags. I've seen quite a few of these talks given the genre tag of blues. Titles are missing, so when I download them to my player they disappear. Almost none have creator information. The comments field is most often empty but sometimes filled with a meaningless string of numbers. It would be nice to have the URL of the archive there. The sad thing is that most of these are from librarians, granted not many are catalogers but still.

If you want you efforts to sort and play properly on my player enter the creator, year, genre, and title. If you would like folks to find the archive of your work consider adding the URL to the comment field. A free tool like MP3tag will be enough if you are only doing your own podcasts.

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