Friday, August 12, 2005

Tech TV

I've been missing Tech TV. When I was recovering from the accident and spending all day in bed I could pass hours watching The Screen Savers, Call for Help, and even X-Play. Then they were bought by G4 and the format changed from geek to nerd. Comic book and DVD reviews replaced registry hacks and liquid nitrogen cooling of the processor. Now even the name of the last show remaining has been changed and only Sarah from the old group is still there. Ah the good old days.

However, lately I've been investigating and podcasts and I came across This Week in Tech (TWIT). Most of the folks from Tech TV are there discussing things just as they did on The Screen Savers. It's only once a week, not a daily, and being audio only it loses something. Kilt day won't be the same. If you too have been missing Tech TV this is a good substitute.

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Anonymous said...

Coming late to this post, but just so's you know Patrick is woking on launching an IPTV version of TSS through Ziff Davis. Here's the link:

I think it will eventually be live and once a week, with an archive of shows.