Monday, August 22, 2005


I've been having some fun marking up the Metadata page I contributed to LISWiki. This my the first time I've done more than read something. The mark-up is a bit different than regular HTML. Nothing complicated, just different. There is a standard format for wiki pages, this structure could be useful when indexing and searching. A searcher could specify just how deep to search, topic level, subtopics, subsubtopics, etc.

The LISWiki, since it is growing by individual contributions, has spotty coverage. I suppose Wikipedia had major gaps at some point in time. LISWiki, if enough folks contribute, may grow to be just as complete. Jump in and contribute a bit. Some missing topics I noticed are: ISBD, GILS, FRBR, Paris Principles, XML, EAD, METS and MODS. Or edit a page (the metadata page could use a lot more attention).

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