Tuesday, September 13, 2005


BitTorrent is an often neglected or maligned P2P service. It is often characterized as a place to share illegal copies of movies and music. However, the tool is very useful in distributing large files to large numbers of people. I've often thought MPOW should distribute new sections of our Lunar Atlases as torrents. When we put new collections of images or maps up, our server is struggling to cope with the requests. Vendors could distribute updates to their software as a torrent. Later this week or over the weekend I'll be posting a trial run of my presentation on Free MARC Tools on both OurMedia as an MP3 and Prodigem as a torrent.

Now Prodigem has made this announcement, that may make BitTorrent more mainstream

We've launched the Prodigem BitTorrent API. You can now easily add BitTorrent capabilities to any web based or web capable application and let Prodigem take care of all the creation, seeding and management of your torrents. If you're not familiar with what an API is, it basically means that Prodigem is now providing a way for external software coders out there to build in all of the features of Prodigem directly into the software and web-services they maintain by just relying on Prodigem to do all of the heavy lifting. Our API implementation is REST based.

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