Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Free MARC Tools

I've posted a transcript of my upcoming talk at the TLA District 8 Conference, Free MARC Tools. It is a working version at the present. When it gets a bit better I'll record it and post the MP3. I'd welcome any comments at this point. Anything I'm overlooking?

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Anonymous said...

If you are going to mention Cyril (which I helped Queens Bourough Public Library create) you might also be interested in MARC::Detrans. MARC::Detrans is basically an abstraction of Cyril which lets you define mapping tables and a configuration file, and detransliterate other languages. Basically QBPL wanted to do for other languages what they did for Russian/Cyrillic. The distrbution comes with configurations for Ukranian and Greek. It's quite possible that other configurations are available now...let me know if you are interested. Jane Jacobs at QBPL would be really interested to know you are going to be talking about Cyril since it is her brainchild. I was just the programmer :-)