Saturday, September 17, 2005

Free MARC Tools

I've posted an MP3 of my talk, Free MARC Tools, to be given at the TLA District 8 Fall Meeting, October 1. It is also available as a torrent, if anyone is using BitTorrent. If you listen, I'd like to hear any suggestions for improvement. The an earlier transcript is still available. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Author is remiss not to mention that the Library of Congress has for years maintained a page in its MARC area about MARC tools...

I'd like ot think that we have come far enough that we don't need anyone standing in the front of the room making cute and declaring that the MARC record is not user-friendly. The MARC record was designed and continues to be use as a communications format. The fact that many systems use the tags defined to MARC21 in their local systems is another matter.

Catalogablog said...

Good point about mentioning the LC page of MARC tools. I'll add that. Thanks.

As for your second point, maybe I did not make myself clear. I never intended to imply that MARC was not a useful format, only that in the raw form it is not one that is easily read by people or most software. I'll have to rework that section, so I do not give the audiance the wrong impression. Thanks again.