Friday, September 30, 2005

Program for Cooperative Cataloging

From the LCCN Cataloging Newsletter v. 13, no. 12.
The redesigned PCC Web site is now available. The new Internet resource was released in time for the ALA Annual Conference. Ana Cristan, on detail to the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, and John Mitchell of the Cooperative Cataloging Team, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division, worked with Julianne Mangin and Elizabeth Miller of the Network Development/MARC Standards Office on the design and construction of the site. Modifications to the Web site were made to achieve conformity with LC's Internet security requirements, to improve consistency throughout the site, and to make it easier to navigate.

One of the PCC's tactical objectives for fiscal years 2004 to 2006 is to make the program's Web site its primary vehicle for communication, marketing, and access to all PCC-related information. To achieve this objective, the PCC Steering Committee plans to charge a task group to review content and the organization of content on the site; document the LC's policies and practices regarding adding, changing, removing, and archiving documents; solicit feedback and suggestions from users and potential users; and produce a report detailing prioritized recommendations.
Here's an idea, use RSS to distribute the news. Also get rid of the counter, it looks tacky.

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