Friday, September 16, 2005


A new product from the Lunar and Planetary Iinstitute, MPOW, the DVD and resource guide SkyTellers.
Often our learning process begins with "the facts". We are not engaged and motivated to want to know about our Universe. We are not encouraged to be curious. Instead, we are given answers to questions we have not asked. In the process of being bombarded with seemingly unrelated facts, we often are led away from the real wonders of our universe and left with an impoverished view of it.

SkyTellers addresses this issue, and seeks to reveal that science is not a static, dull body of knowledge to be mastered, but, instead, is a continuing voyage of discovery motivated by wonder and a playful curiosity. The old and the new stories work together to excite the listener about subjects explored in science and the place of humankind in science endeavors.

Planetariums, science centers, libraries, schools, and other institutions are invited to order the SkyTellers DVD and Resource Guide.

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