Thursday, September 08, 2005

Spectrometer Classroom Package Available for Loan

Some news from MPOW that might be of interest. The ALTA® Reflectance Spectrometer classroom package is available for loan. Qualified sites will receive:
  • 20 working ALTA® Reflectance Spectrometers
  • 1 ALTA® Reflectance Spectrometer CD including lesson plans
  • 1 ALTA® Reflectance Spectrometer booklet including lesson plans
  • 1 Basalt sample
  • 1 Olivine sample
  • 1 Hematite sample
  • 1 sample of Martian Soil Simulant
  • 1 sample of Lunar Soil Simulant
  • 1 CD containing images of Mars and the Moon to assist in lesson plans
The ALTA Reflectance Spectrometer® is a classroom instrument designed to allow students (grade 5 through adult) to learn about visible light, invisible light, the origins of color, and the value of reflection spectroscopy of light in remote sensing applications. Using the ALTA, students themselves can measure the reflectances, i.e., the proportions of incident light that are reflected, from materials of their own choosing. With ALTA, reflectances can be measured in eleven colors of light, blue through infrared. Measured reflectances on suitable surfaces are typically within a few percent of laboratory values. The ALTA is suitable for classroom demonstrations and laboratory investigations in biology, geology, planetary sciences, and physics.

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