Monday, October 17, 2005


I was just listening to a podcast from Web Essentials 05, where the speaker was asking about old data archives. He was discussing the problems of data migration, and archiving. It occurred to me I have data from the mid-1980s that I use often. I've had no problems with migration. Some of the data was even created 10 years or more before it arrived here. Isn't MARC wonderful. I've not lost any part of my records as they have migrated from one system to another. We have lost some circulation history, but that is not part of those MARC records. My MultiMate files from the mid-1980s or the Q&A files from a few years later would pose problems but not my MARC records. Even Microlif would work just fine after a few tweaks. Thanks to all those who had the foresight to build such a stable foundation for our catalogs.

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