Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Podcasting 101

I'd not normally point to this, Podcasting 101, too many others are already pointing to it and it is slides from a talk. However, it has some very information packed slides. It is a good introduction to podcasting. Thanks to Jenny Levine and Su Bochenski for such a useful work.

One thing I miss from almost all introductory podcasting talks is any mention of BitTorrent. Many of the tools for downloading podcasts support torrents. Bandwidth usage can become a concern for a popular podcast. You could end up owing your IP service provider a pile of cash. Making your talk available as a torrent solves this problem. There are easy to use, free services where you can make your podcast available using BitTorrent such as Prodigem.

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Greg Schwartz said...

It's an interesting point, but consider this: Despite the fact that I am an avid user of Bittorrent (mostly for downloading live music), I receive 0 of my 50+ podcasts via torrent. None.

Doesn't mean it isn't an important and viable alternative distribution channel, just that most producers are not panicking about bandwidth the way they did initially. Too many hosting options. OurMedia will do it for free.

In fact, of everything I've listened to, only This Week in Tech makes any regular mention of its availability via torrent. And of course, they're just reveling in the efficiency and geekiness as bandwidth is not really a big issue for them on the financial level.