Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Radio Frequency Identification Workshop

RFID Institute: October 25-26 - Walk-ins Welcome!
NISO and the University of North Texas Center are bringing you a 2-day Institute on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). We have tapped an array of experts to examine the use of RFID in business and the library and book world; this event will inform you about the benefits and opportunities this technology offers and the standards needed to maximize performance.

In general I don't see why libraries should invest in this. Large systems maybe, they could do sorting of returns and make it pay off. Maybe drop boxes cold be locked and only open when receiving a signal from a tag. That would stop snow, kittens, and other stuff being dropped down the chute. Maybe if I went to the institute I'd drink the kool-aid and see the light.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the Patron Privacy issues that RFIDs raise, especially in this day & age, Patriot ACT and all. RFIDs are viewed with alarm by those of us in SRRT, PLG and other "activist" groupings of librarians. That UNT is sponsoring this is no surprise, they're always manuevering to be on the bleeding edge of new technology. I'm an alumnus from there and I feel like I had to go out of my way to take more "traditional" library courses for my MLS. I still remember one faculty member actually trying to actively dissuade me from pursing a career in libraries and choose a sexier, techier, more corporate career path. I declined to follow this advice. I was fond of quoting Neil Postman, Michael Gorman, Walt Crawford, Theodore Roszack, David Noble, and Clifford Stoll in my term papers. I don't think many of my profs liked that too much. ;-). Still, now that I have a good grounding in librarianship, I feel ready to take more "tech" oriented advanced courses and training. I'd probably skip this workshop, too, though. Our library has better things to spend money on.