Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Disambiguation of terms, to some extent, seems possible even in a free-tagging environment. One of the drawbacks often heard about just letting folks put whatever term they lake is that the English language has too many words that are spelt the same but mean something different. Venus could be a planet or a goddess, Mercury a statue, planet, god, or car. However, if enough people use more than one tag software can cluster results based on other terms used. These clusters can then group like items together. Flickr is using this to create clusters of photos. Try searching for Turkey and then click on the cluster option, the results form the country have been seperated from those for food and Thanksgiving. Not perfect, but good enough in many instances. Interesting

Now the next hurdle is to include in the cluster synomyns and plurals/singluars, verbs/gerunds, etc.

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