Monday, November 07, 2005

American Memory COinS-PMH Enabled via Greasemonkey

Dan on his dchud's work log describes the American Memory COinS-PMH Enabled via Greasemonkey.
Tonight I found Simon Willison's greasemonkey script that "fixes" American Memory to look better in various ways. It gave me the idea that the very suggestion we had for adding dynamic access to robust metadata and objects in our paper on this topic (see "Adding a Layer on Top of OpenURL Autodiscovery" section near the end) is not only possible, but doable now. As it turns out, it is, and it does!


I know, it's ugly, but, that's easily fixed. The point is - without even talking to anybody at LoC, American Memory now speaks COinS-PMH, and anybody could use similar techniques to pull robust metadata for these items with just a single click right from the human UI. I've fiddled a bit with attempting to make other American Memory collections work the same way (there are a lot of them!), and it kind of works sometimes, but, you should get the point.

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