Thursday, November 03, 2005


MKDoc Ltd. has announced the first beta release of MKSearch, under the GNU General Public Licence. Source and pre-compiled binary downloads are available from the project Web site.

MKSearch is a metadata search engine that indexes structured metadata in Web documents, not free text in the document body. The data acquisition system:

  • Conforms to the Dublin Core metadata in HTML recommendations
  • Supports other application profiles, such as the UK e-Government Metadata Standard
  • Indexes native RDF formats, including RSS 1.0
MKSearch is a research project to develop a metadata search engine. The system is composed of two linked systems; an indexing Web crawler and a public query interface. The indexing component extracts Dublin Core metadata from Web documents and stores them in RDF format. The query interface matches documents in the index using an RDF query language and can return the results in a variety of formats including standard HTML and as a standing RSS feed.

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