Thursday, November 10, 2005

MS Office 2003 Research Pane

Anyone have any idea what it takes to configure our resources so they can be added to the MS Office 2003 research pane? Hoovers has instructions on how the user can add their resource to their research pane. What did they have to do on their side to make this possible? This would be just another way we could make our work more widely available.


Eby said...

There's a few libraries that have done it. There are instructions for it somewhere but I can't seem to find it now. Here's a slightly older post about one library:

Someone in our library is also working on it but I haven't seen any code released.

Andrew Houghton said...

Are your resources accessible via SRW/U? If so I might be able to easily prototype something for you. Contact me via my Web page, if you are interested and we can discuss it.


jack said...

i knew a system that could do this..if you search in Google you will find would do exactly what you want.