Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Spelling Catalog

Catalog or Catalogue?: Examining a Library Dilemma by Beall, Jeffrey (2004).
The variant spellings catalog and catalogue create problems for librarianship by causing confusion, hindering research, and betraying the standardization the profession values. The predominant spelling in Britain (catalogue) differs from the predominant spelling in the U.S. (catalog), but within the U.S. both spellings are commonly used. Both of these different practices create inconsistencies. Although the spelling catalog has long been prescribed in the U.S., it has not fully caught on. The spelling catalog is far more common on the Web than catalogue. The best solution to this dilemma for librarians may be to not use this outmoded term at all.


Cheryl said...

Are you ready to become Catalogueablogue?

Anonymous said...

It's not an outmoded term at all - certainly not as a noun.

I'd like to recommend that at least librarians consider letting the "u" go, in the interest of service.