Monday, December 05, 2005

Cataloging E-Journals

The Bridge Consortium: Carleton College & St. Olaf College Libraries has made available the responses to a survey they conducted on Cataloging E-Journals in OPAC. This is a 13 page Word document.
To gain insight into how other libraries are dealing with the questions about how best to make e-journal access clear and easy for their patrons to negotiate, SWG sent a survey to several discussion lists Oct 21-24, 2005. In particular, we were interested in the question of whether or not libraries that were using an open-URL resolver and A-Z list were also cataloging e-journals for their OPAC.

We asked six questions (one with 3 parts). We posted our survey on innopacusers, obegroup, serialst and autocat. By Nov 16, we had received 22 responses. Library types included 12 private colleges & universities, 5 state colleges/universities, 4 science/health sciences libraries and 1 academic library consortium.

The questions and responses from each library are compiled below. The text of the email survey we sent follows the compiled responses to each question.


Anonymous said...

This link does not work.


David said...

It seems to be gone. Maybe just a short term problem? If not I'll edit the posting Tuesday.