Friday, December 23, 2005

LPI Podcast

Last night I submitted the LPI podcast to iTunes. The submission seemed to go fine, the metadata was read and the RSS feed acceptable. They have a review process, so now I'm waiting to see if it will be accepted. Anyone have any idea how long it takes?

I've also just learned about high and low pass filters. I've been using noise reduction and volume normalization, these are some more tools to add to the mix. I'll be using them on my next podcast, sometime next year.

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Anonymous said...

No, I don't, but this is an out-from-left-field comment saying LII has proven the capability to provide a MARC-compatible dataset that could be published and refreshed at intervals. So that idea of putting LII content into catalogs is here, basically. We need to do a few refinements but I'd love to show you how it works so far and get some wise catalogalish input into how to make it better. Can I demo this for you when you're back from vacation?