Monday, December 19, 2005

NLM Authority File

NLM has announced the implementation of a new authority index feature in the NLM Catalog. This feature provides access to an index of full author names (including dates and name qualifiers), organizations, and conference names, as well as series titles, associated with the bibliographic records in the NLM Catalog.
The authority index also offers added value by incorporating rich cross-reference entries for variant forms of names and titles that lead the user from a raw, initial search to the established form used on bibliographic records in the NLM Catalog. It also supports searching of names that may have changed over time, providing links to other and historical names used by authors or organizations, and to conference names and series titles that have changed numerous times. For series titles, additional information regarding NLM bibliographic treatment of that series is also provided.
Seen on ResourceShelf.

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