Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Open Office

Last night I installed Open Office on my home machine. Pretty slick. It comes with a database program. I couldn't find anything about the db, is it MySQL? Open Office is worth investigating. It has the look and feel of a mature commercial product. I think it will handle all my word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet needs.


Solveig Haugland said...


Glad to see you found OpenOffice.org! Some users ask about documentation, so I like to point out sources.

- I've written some articles on the database for www.techtarget.com, you can see the direct links on my blog.

- I've got a blog of OpenOffice.org procedures at http://openoffice.blogs.com

- http://documentation.openoffice.org

- The online help is worth trying.

- The users@openoffice.org alias is good for questions (go to www.openoffice.org and subscribe)

- The www.oooforums.org is a good site for questions too.

Good luck with the program!


Anonymous said...

Here's some info on the database (from the Open Office site):
The new embedded HSQLDB database engine, based on Java technology, allows creating "database documents". These simple database files don't require a back end database server like MySQL or Adabas D. All information (table definitions, data, queries, forms, reports) is stored in one XML file.