Thursday, December 08, 2005

To Be Read

Here is another book to add to my "to be read" list, Open Sources 2.0.The description from O'Riley:
For software developers: essays on practices and methodology from leading open source developers like Jeremy Allison and Ben Laurie -For business executives: analyses of business strategies from Sleepycat co-founder and CEO Michael Olson, and Open Source Business Conference founder Matt Asay -From China, Europe, India, and Brazil: descriptions of the developing world's efforts to use open source to take control of its high tech destiny -Learn how the growing impact of this model on all forms of online collaboration is fundamentally challenging our notion of community -Discover what the future holds from veteran open source commentators Tim O'Reilly, Doc Searls, Steven Weber and Sonali Shah -Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger and Slashdot co-founder Jeff Bates provide frontline views of functioning, flourishing online collaborative communities.

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